5 Irresistible Benefits of Using CO2 Inflators

CO2 Inflator

Even a few years back, a hand pump was the only thing that could save the day when you had a flat tire. But times have changed, and with the arrival of CO2 inflators, cyclists have been freed to go further and faster without carrying heavy kit to fix a flat bicycle tire. Here’s a quick list of reasons why CO2 inflators are such a huge win for cyclists.

What are CO2 inflators?

CO2 inflators are compact metal containers that are filled with highly pressurized carbon dioxide gas. Although they have a variety of uses, they are commonly used by cyclists to re-inflate flat tires or to fill up the new tubes that they’ve installed in their tires.

What are the advantages of CO2 inflators?

CO2 inflators have several benefits over other re-inflating solutions. Here are some of the key advantages.

1) The Time Factor – CO2 inflators are time-saving, because they fill up your tire much faster than air pumps. When you have a flat tire, a CO2 inflator can refill the tire and get you going in just a few minutes.

2) The Effort Factor – Unlike air pumps, CO2 inflators hold gas at high pressure, making them extremely easy to use with very minimal effort. All you need to do is hook it up to the tire, push the button, and sit back, without worrying about the pumping exercise that air pumps need, and meaning that a breakdown can be a proper rest before you get back on the road.

3) The Portability Factor – Being extremely compact (most inflators are just about the size of your thumb), CO2 inflators are easy to carry around in your backpack or even taped to the frame of your bike. They’re also lightweight, making them a great addition to your kit.

4) The Affordability Factor – CO2 inflators are now manufactured at low cost, so in the long run, they’re a cheaper option than some others. In fact, a valve and a couple of inflators are typically less expensive than a small good-quality air pump.

5) The Usefulness Factor – When it comes to inflating tubeless tires, CO2 inflators easily win over hand pumps. If you’ve suffered a flat tire on a tubeless tire, chances are your hand pump is not going to be of any help. You’ll either need to use an air compressor (which is heavy to carry with you), or you’ll need to use a CO2 inflator. This is the only technique that can create a tight seal between the tire and the rim, and deliver the fast burst of air that’s needed to inflate a tubeless tire. Otherwise, as you begin inflating the tire, the air will escape faster than you’re pumping it in.

When all is said and done, a CO2 inflator can be something that can come in handy when you least expect it to. So it’s always a great idea to keep a couple of them around; you never know when you may need them, after all, and you’ll be back on the road in no time.

Source by Nate Rodriguez